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Jianni Felpas

I was facing a very discouraging prognosis of lumbar spinal fusion, so I enlisted in the help of Mike Huffam and his kettlebell training as well as an intensive 3 month period of physiotherapy, pilates/gryokenis. 


It is my personal opinion that the expertise of Mike Huffam and his kettlebell knowledge was instrumental in my recovery. I was back to being as active and fit as I was in my early 30’s.


My surgeon agreed that my continued endeavours to improve my core, and hip extensor strength with pilates and kettlebell training was highly beneficial in my recovery. Further reading on my part showed me a growing body of research specifically Prof. Stuart McGill the #1 spine biomechanist in the world supported the safety and efficacy of kettlebell training within specific populations, and conditions.


My MRI showed no changes in what is basically a damaged lumber spine at multiple levels, however my improved function and markedly reduced pain levels are testimony to what a carefully executed exercise programme can achieve.


Mike Huffam knows kettlebells intimately and certainly knows his stuff !


I highly recommend his Master Kettlebell Academy certification to anyone who is interested in including kettlebell training into your repertoire !


Jianni Felpas

Physiotherapist / Director at movementLAB

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